The Seafarers Hospital Society has been looking after the health and welfare of seafarers since 1821 and is one of the oldest maritime charities in the UK.
SHS asked me to help them update the branding. The old brand was showing its age and they wanted something to help move them into their 200th year. I studied their old records and literature dating back to 1821, it was important to them that while updating not to loose sight of their history.
The answer was this simplified image of the stern of their first hospital ship the Dreadnought. Using new colours we brought them up to date and gave the brand a shot in the arm. 
I then went on to redesign their site, rethinking the entire user journey and how they showcased their many services. I continue to work closely with SHS on a variety of items from newsletters, brochure, leaflets to social graphics.
Branding / Website / Literature

The Brand
Healthy Heart campaign - identity and social animations
The website

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